Branson Bicycle Club is a club that promotes safe cycling practices, physical achievement, and the social benefits of group cycling. Our club provides various rides throughout the week. We have rides that are perfect for beginners (usually 4-6 miles). intermediate riders (15 miles) and intermediate/advanced riders (approx. 24 miles). Our rides are very unique in terrain and beauty.

Weekly Group Rides

Starting in April ending at the end of September:
Tuesdays: 6 pm
Wednesdays: 5:30 pm
Thursdays: 6 pm (in September 5:30)

Club rides begin April 1 and end September 30

  When: Tuesday         When: Thursday      
  Location: Hollister High School     Location: Hwy 65 & Hwy 86 commuter parking
  Begin: 6.00pm Intermediate 12-15 mph   Begin: 6:00 pm     14-16mph    
    6.00pm Advance  18 mph              
  GPS: N36*37.313 W093*11.450   GPS: N36*31.900 W093*14.830
  Conditions: Highways, no shoulder, hills      Conditions: Highways, gentle hills  
  Route: Map         Route: Map      
  Distance: 26 miles         Distance: 15 miles      
  Contact: Dathan Atchison       Contact: Brent Butler    
  When: Wednesday       When: Saturday      
  Location: Alexander Park area     Location: Hollister High School  
    901 Hawthorn Street                
  Begin: 5:30 pm       Begin: 7:30am      
  GPS: N 36.63528 and W -93.22389     GPS: N36*37.313 W093*11.450
  Conditions: 1-3 mile flat coarse     Conditions: Highways, no shoulder, hills  
  Route:           Route: Map      
  Distance:           Distance: 26 miles      
  Contact: Joe Jeruzal       Contact: Craig Erickson    
Ideal for beginner riders, and speed work.                


Hwy 86/14 41 Miler: An extended ride using 3 loops along the Thursday night group ride route.

  •  The Ozark Mountain High Road – a challenging and scenic way to see the Ozarks – Ride Descriptionmap
  • If you are looking for a longer Saturday ride you might contact Dathan Atchison at   If his group isn't racing they typically look to do 40-100 miles on a Saturday.
  • On Thursday's there is a group that meets at the Keeter Center, College of the Ozarks (about 5:30-6pm). They ride approximately 25 miles. (You get to climb the airport road) It's a great climbing workout and does include a little heavy traffic. If you have any questions about this ride contact Dathan at  

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